Monday, June 23, 2014

Volvo 940 grill repainting

The plastic front grill on my 940 was looking faded and beat up so I decided to refurbish it.  I scrubbed it with soap and water and painted it semi-gloss black with rustoleum "ultra cover" which claims to work on plastic. Plastic is very hard to get paint to adhere to correctly, so make sure to get paint designed specifically for plastic. The most common brand of plastic compatible paint is krylon fusion, but they don't have that at my hardware stores. You could also use plasti-dip if you want to remove it later or like that look.

After the paint dried the spot where the volvo logo was looked weird so I ordered a prancing moose sticker from Dave Barton Volvo. They have about a million different sticker options. The moose comes from a famous volvo safety test that involves dodging a moose at speed. Here's how it looks:
The display in the bottom left is the voltmeter for my welder.
I also installed an anti-theft system from the same site:

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